How to Print Seamlessly on Ewity
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Ewity POS supports two types of printing. Seamless thermal printing and standard browser print.

  • Seamless Printing: Choose this if you need thermal printing

  • Standard Browser: Choose this if you mainly print standard invoices (A3, A4, etc)

Standard Browser Printing

No special configurations are necessary for this. A browser popup will appear when you click print where you can select a printer. This is the default printing mode.

To set the default print type as Standard print follow these steps:

  1. Goto Company Admin > Locations > Edit Location

  2. Click "Edit" for the register

  3. Select "Standard Print" as the "Invoice Type".

Seamless Printing

Seamless printing allows you to print to thermal printers without a browser preview popup. Follow these steps to setup Seamless Printing.

  1. Goto Company Admin > Settings > Printing

  2. Enable Seamless Printing

  3. Once you enable and save you will get an option to download the Seamless Printing utility. Download and install the utility and make sure it's running in the taskbar (You should see a green Ewity POS logo)

  4. Click "Test Connection" to make sure everything is in order.

Once you've setup Seamless on your PC now you can proceed to add printers to your registers.

  1. Goto Company Admin > Locations and select the location you want to add printer to

  2. Click "Add Devices" button from the last card in the page

  3. Give a Name to the printer, and then select the Thermal Printer from the list of printers displayed. If you cannot see the printer in the list, make sure the drivers are installed and the printer is added to the PC Printer Settings.

  4. Once you have selected the printer use the Test option to make sure everything is working fine. After that you can add the device.

With the device added you can associate the device to a register.

  1. Find the Register you want to add the printer to, and click "Edit"

  2. Select the device from the "Bill Invoice Printer" option.

  3. If it's a Restaurant Location you can also select the printer as the KOT printer, or add a different KOT printer and select it too.

Now when you click Print in the POS view thermal invoice will be seamlessly printed without a browser popup!

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