How to create an API user
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You can use an API user to interact with Ewity using an API.

To create an API user:

  1. Create a user from Company Admin > Users > New User. Provide a name, username and a password.

  2. Once the user is created, Use the overflow menu in user details screen to convert to an API user

3. Once the user has been converted, create a new API token by clicking "Generate New Token". You can use the token shown to make API requests to your Ewity company. Please keep this token secure as it can be used to access data and perform actions on your Ewity company.

4. Your API user has a permission level automatically created named as "API / {Name}". Click on "Manage Levels" and select this permission level. You can select the permissions you want to grant to the API user.

To get access to the API documentation please contact support.

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